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Online Therapy Effectiveness

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Telemedicine has been an ever growing field. Inner Peace Counseling of Utah recognizes the benefits of telemental health services for many of its clients struggling with anxiety, depression, life adjustments, addictions, and more. Studies looking at the effectiveness for online, face to face, video therapy and coaching appointments show it is "effective for diagnosis and treatment across many populations....comparable to in-person care" (2013, Telemedicine Journal). This includes the treatment of various ages, children, teens, adults and couples. A great benefit can come from online therapy with it being easily accessible from various locations. 


What does the research show?

In 2015, Canada's Canadian Medical Association Journal studied the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy provided by providers online. Online CBT was found to be more effective than in-person CBT, and in-person CBT has a very high effective rates. Symptoms of depression and other mental health issues were decreased through online counseling.   

The Journal of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina, reported in 2017, that "Telemental health care can provide effective and adaptiable solutions to the care of mental illnesses universally." 

In 2017, Dr. Charles Koransky, published findings from a meta-analysis of 14 research trials of adults with depression receiving cognitive behavioral therapy through live online counseling. While a positive effect was noted at the conclusion of the sessions, it had a "large sustained effect" over time. 

Whether you choose traditional in-person counseling, life coaching or online counseling or life coaching, a better future awaits. Our therapists will tailor treatments to facilitate the best outcome for you or your loved one. Call Inner Peace Counseling of Utah today to schedule your appointment.


Coronavirus & Other Health Concerns

Due to concerns with recent health events we encourage those who may be ill to join their therapy session by video conferencing. Inner Peace Counseling of Utah provides HIPAA Compliant, medically secure, live web-based video therapy sessions. Simple to use and similar to using FaceTime and Skype.

Scheduling Telehealth Appointments

Call, text, or email to change your appointment to a live video based appointment with your therapist.

  • Simple 

  • Convenient

  • Secure


Telehealth is a great option also in times of:

  • Bad weather

  • Childcare falling through

  • Traveling

  • Less time to travel to and from appointments


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