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Psychologist Near Me

Finding an Experienced Psychologist Near Me

If you recently searched for "psychologist near me," you most likely found many providers offering different mental health services. One of the most effective treatments is cognitive behavioral therapy. Through counseling, the therapist helps the patient challenge and modify unfavorable thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Its practical approach focuses on honest communication and setting goals. Overcoming challenges such as anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and addiction requires a step-by-step plan. Healing is an active process by which the patient develops positive coping skills and makes small changes to their behavior over time. At Inner Peace Counseling of Utah, we focus on bringing to light all the factors that play a role in the patient's suffering. From there, we work together with the patient to transform negativity to hope.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of many treatment modalities. An especially powerful form of CBT is dialectical behavioral therapy, which focuses on social and emotional healing. It's effective in treating borderline personality disorder, substance abuse, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts. The therapist helps the patient value the gift of life, manage stress and emotions, and improve their relationships. Different therapies vary in efficacy depending on the person. For example, EMDR often helps people with PTSD overcome the roots of their suffering. Through play therapy, kids can more comfortably understand and overcome unfavorable thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Our 50-minute counseling sessions enable the patient to develop positive habits and take an active role in their healing. It's time to retake control of your life. Call Inner Peace Counseling of Utah to schedule an appointment.

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