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Giving Feedback with Confidence

Confident. Strong. Assertive.

When asking for something, setting a boundary or giving feedback assertiveness can help. Here are 4 steps in crafting an assertive statement.

1. State an "I think" statement - Briefly, in a non-judgmental, non-motive assuming way the facts of what you understand has occurred. Just describe the facts. (Ex. I think we exceeded our budget this month.) .

2. Give an "I feel" statement, stating very briefly the emotion felt. (Ex. I feel discouraged.) .

3. State one behavioral change you want, in a specific, concrete way. (Ex. Could you sit down with me to review our plan.) .

4. (Optional step) Add a self-care statement showing how you will take care of yourself if needed, as you are capable of doing much. This is not a manipulative statement. Just a statement on how you will continue on if the request is not met. (Ex. If you are not able to review it with me, I will do it by myself.)

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