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Positive Thoughts: Teaching Your Family Coping Skills

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Purpose: Learning to think positive thoughts more often help crowd out negative thoughts and develop positive self-esteem.


Pipe Cleaners



A small flower pot, or cup


1. Make a flower out of pipe cleaners. Make the stem by folding in half one pipe cleaner. Make flower petals using another pipe cleaner and attach them together.

2. Place in the flower pot or cup.

3. Notice how the flowers fall over. Talk about how the flowers need a good support to help them stand tall and be strong in their flower pot/cup.

4. Cut strips of paper and write on the strips:

“I can __________.”

“I feel good when I _______.”

“I like _________ about myself.”

“I am grateful for ________.”

5. Fill out one or more strips of positive thoughts each day and add to the flower pot. Watch how it helps the flowers become stronger and stand up better, just like our thoughts can help us do.

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