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Telemental Health - What to Expect

With many changes occurring due to the outbreak of COVID-19, technology can help people stay connected and maintain a type of normality in daily life. For those needing mental health counseling services, many organizations offer Telemental Health options. Yet some wonder, what would a video based counseling session be like? Telemental Health appointments are similar to using FaceTime or Skype, but with a different level of privacy. A mental health therapist who offers telemedicine services should provide their clients with a secure, HIPAA compliant platform that allows the therapist and client to meet, face to face, from whatever location they may be. At Inner Peace Counseling of Utah in Draper, for example clients are sent a secure link, that when accessed, sends the client to a medical level, secure window on their computer, tablet or smartphone, allowing them to meet with their therapist. It is often remarked with surprise, how easy and beneficial the counseling session was to attend. Does it Feel Impersonal? Most who use video-based Telemental Health counseling with their therapist find it not only personal, but also easy and convenient to use. Is it different than being in the same room, well...yes, because it is a meeting joined through technology. However, concerns can be navigated and made to feel more personal as therapist and client discuss the use of the platform. The use of Telemental Health will not be a good fit for everyone, however it can be a great option for many.

During this time of concern for the spread of illnesses, many may feel more isolated or experience higher anxieties. A mental health counselor can help address these needs. Using Telemental Health counseling services can aid in receiving the specialized care needed, while navigating the concerns of this time.

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